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Our talent at your service

We have a great mission: to learn about you and your world, to embrace your vision. And through our know-how to achieve your goals together.

NEGRI FIRMAN PR & COMMUNICATION is a Communication Task Force where I gathered all the best talents, perfectly trained to make our clients succeed, in a unique combination of competence, hard work, and big smiles.


SPREAD THE WORD “We believe in people. We want to inform them, amuse them, intrigue them and make them acknowledge you and your brand.”Silvia Negri Firman

Changing the rules of traditional PR agencies and the interaction with clients and press. That’s why NEGRI FIRMAN PR & COMMUNICATION was founded by the end of 2008. Our mission is to create new and effective ways to communicate our clients and to build tailor-made strategies. In 2020 we merged with WSM, expanding ouractivities to integrate digital marketing, in order to increase the visibility, awareness and sales of our clients. We work daily to increase their brand awareness while developing new approaches to PR promotion.

We like to serve our clients as if we were an in-house PR structure but acting from an external position allowing us to catch new and exciting opportunities which stand outside and can inspire our work or create interesting synergies for our clients. We serve our clients with an in-house PR approach. Still, we have the freedom to grab exciting opportunities to inspire our work or generate engaging synergies on their behalf. 

Fashion, Arts, Design, Culture, Beauty, Hospitality, Sport, People, Sustainability. We believe modern communication comes from the right combination of different fields we choose to mix. We pay the utmost attention to clients’needs, attentively listening to their voice. We have a strong, personal commitment to each brand; plus an extensive network of pivotal figures in each field.

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